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            一、 What do we mean by a perfect English pronunciation? In one __1__ there are as many different kinds of English as there are speakers of it. __2__two speakers speak in exactly the same __3__, we can always hear differences __4__ them, and the pronunciation of English __5__ a great deal in different geographical __6__ How do we decide what sort of English to use as a __7__ This is not a question that can be __8__ in the same. Way for all foreign learners of English __9__ you live in a part of the world, __10__ India or West Africa, where there is a long __11__ of speaking English for general communication purposes, you should __12__ to acquire a good variety of the pronunciation of this area. It would be a __13__ in these circumstances to use as a model BBC English or __14__ of the sort. On the other hand, if you live in a country __15__ there is no traditional use of English, you must take as your model some form of native English pronunciation. It does not matter very much which form you choose. The most effective way is to take as your model the tort of English you can hear most often.

            1. A) meaning B) sense C) case D) situation

            2. A) Not B) No C) None D) Nor

            3. A) type B) form C) sort D) way

            4. A) between B) among C) in D) within

            5. A) changes B)varies C) shifts D) alters

            6. A) areas B) parts C) countries D) spaces

            7. A) direction B) guide C) symbol D) model

            8. A) given B) responded C) satisfied D) answered

            9. A) Because B) When C) If D) Whether

            10. A) as B) in C) like D) near

            11. A) custom B) use C) tradition D) habit

            12. A) aim B) propose C) select D) tend

            13. A) fashion B) mistake C) nonsense D) possibility

            14. A) everything B) nothing C) anything D) things

            15. A) where B) that C) which D) wherever


            二、How many different kinds of emotions do you feel? You may be 1 to find that it is very hard to specify all of them. Not only are emotional hard to describe in words,but also they are difficult to 2 . As a result, two people rarely agree on all of them. However, there are a number of 3 emotions that most people experience.

            When we receive something that we want, or something happens 4 we like, we usually feel joy or happiness. Joy is a positive and powerful emotion, 5 for which we all strive. It is natural to want to be happy, and all of us search for happiness. As a general 6 , joy occurs when we reach a 7 goal or obtain a desired object.

            8 people often desire different goals and objects, it is understandable that one person may find joy in repairing an automobile,but also 9 another may find joy in solving a math problem. Of course, we often share 10 goals or interests, and therefore we can experience joy together. This may be in sports, in the arts, in learning, in raising a family, or if 11 being together.


            When we have difficulty in obtaining desired objects of reaching desired goals we experience 12 emotions such as anger and grief. When little things get in our way, we experience 13 frustrations or tensions. For example, if you are dressing to go out 14 a date, you may feel frustration when a zipper breaks or a button falls off. The more difficulty you have in reaching a goal, the more frustrated you may feel and the more angry you may become. If you really want something to happen, and you feel it 15 happen, but someone or something stops it, you may become quiteangry.

            1. A. shocked B. astounded C. surprised D. bewildered

            2. A. list B. recognize C. arrange D. understand

            3. A. necessary B. vital C. essential D. basic

            4. A. if B. what C. that D. when

            5. A. one B. the one C. very one D. only one

            6. A. practice B. rule C. law D. sense

            7. A. desired B. desirous C. prospective D. fascinated

            8. A. For B. When C. Since D. Being

            9. A. however B. if C. while D. even though

            10. A. same B. common C. positive D. different

            11. A. just B. purely C. right D. even

            12. A. bad B. unpleasant C. uneasy D. negative

            13. A. little B. unnecessary C. less D. minor

            14. A. on B. in C. for D. to

            15. A. will B. shall C. should D. would





            一、1.B 提示:in one sense:固定搭配,“從某種意義上說”。

            2.B 提示:謂語的否定形式前置。“No two speakers speak…”即“Two speakers do not speak…”

            3. D 提示:the same way:“同樣的方式“。

            4. A 提示:between用于兩者之間(的差別)

            5.B 提示:vary in…指“在……方面的變化”

            6.A 提示:parts:著重于指“部分”;spaces:著重于“空間地方”;“areas”著重“區域”

            7.D 提示:direction:“方向”;guide:“向導”;symbol:“象征,符合”;model:“模型,典型”

            8.D 提示:“answer”對應前面的“question”

            9.C 提示:if引導條件狀語從句

            10.C 提示:這是需要的是介詞,只有“like”符合題意,意為“像……一樣”,A若為“such as ”也對

            11.C 提示:a long tradition of ….“…….的悠久傳統”

            12.D 提示:tend to :“傾向于…….,易于……..”

            13.A 提示:It would be a fashion ….“這將是一種時尚……..”

            14.C 提示:anything of the sort :“任何這種類型的東西”

            15.A 提示:這里狀語從句需要的是關系副詞引導定語從句修飾“a country ”





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