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            Test 1

            America is a country on the move. In unheard of number, people of all ages are exercising their way to better health. According to the latest figures, 59 percent of American adults exercise regularly-up 12 percent from just two years ago and more than double the figure of 25 years ago. Even non-exercisers believe they would be more attractive and confident if they were more attractive.

            It is hard not to get the message. The advantage of physical fitness are shown on magazine covers, postage stamps, and television ads for everything from beauty soaps to travel books. Exercise as a part of daily life did not catch on until the 1960s when research by military doctors began to show the health benefits of doing regular physical exercises. Growing publicity for races held in American cities helped increase a strong interest in the ancient sport of running. Although running has leveled off in recent years as Americans have discovered equally rewarding-and something safer-forms of exercise, such as walking and swimming, running remains the most popular form of exercise.

            As the popularity of exercise continues to increase, so does scientific evidence of its health benefits. The key to fitness is exercising the major muscle group strongly enough to double the heart rate and keep it doubled for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Doing such physical exercises three times or more a week will produce considerable improvements in physical health in about three months.

            1. According to the passage, what was the percentage of American adults doing regular physical exercises two years ago?

            A. About 70% B. Nearly 60% C. Almost 50% D. More than 12%

            2. A growing interest in sports developed utter____

            A.research showed their health benefits

            B.people got the message from magazine covers and postage stamps

            C.scientific evidence of health benefits was shown on TV ads

            D.an increasing number of races were held in American cities

            3.Which of the following is closest in meaning to the phrase“leveled off”(Para.2,Line 5)?

            A.become very popular

            B.stopped being popular

            C.reached its lowest level in popularity

            D.stopped increasing in popularity

            4.It can be learnt from the passage that the health of exercise____?

            A.are ye to be proved

            B.are to be further studied

            C.are supported by scientific evidence

            D.are self-evident

            5. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?

            A. Different Forms of Exercise

            B. Exercise-the Road to Health

            C. Scientific Evidence of Health Benefits

            D. Running-a Popular Form of Sports

            Test 2

            In only two decades Asian Americans have become the fastest- growing US minority. As their children began moving up through the nation's schools, it became clear that a new kind of culture was coming out. Their achievements are made in the nation's best universities, where mathematics, science and engineering departments have taken on a decidedly Asian character. This special liking for mathematics and science ispartly explained by the fact that Asian-American students who began their education abroad arrived in the

            US with a solid grounding in mathematics but little or no knowledge of English. They are also influenced by the promise of a good job after college. Asians feel there will be less unfair treatment in areas like mathematics and science because they will be judged more objectively (客觀). And the money spent on education is more immediately returned in something like engineering than with an arts degree.

            Most Asian-American students owe their success to the influence of parents who are determined that their

            children should take full advantage of what the American educational system has to offer. An effective measure of parental attention is homework. Asian parents spend more time with their children than American parents do, and it helps. Many researchers also believe there is something in Asian culture, such as family value, the importance of education and so on that lead to their success.

            Both explanations for academic success worry Asian Americans because of fears that they could cause the native Americans' unhappiness. Many can remember when Chinese, Japanese and Filipino immigrants (移民) were unequally treated because of social separation. Indeed, it was not until 1952 that laws were laid down giving all Asian immigrants the right to citizenship.

            1. While making great achievements at college, Asian-American students _____.

            A. feel they are mistreated because of limited knowledge of English

            B. are afraid that their.academic successes take on a strong Asian character

            C. still worry about unfair treatment in society

            D. generally feel it a shame to have to depend on their parents

            2. What are the major factors that determine the success of Asian Americans?

            A.A solid foundation in basic mathematics and Asian culture

            B.Hard work and intelligence

            C.Hard help and a limited knowledge of English

            D.Asian culture and the American educational system

            3. Few Asian-American students major in human sciences mainly because _____.

            A. their English is not good enough

            B. they are afraid they might meet with unfair judgment in these areas

            C. there is a wide difference between Asian and Western cultures

            D. they know little about American cultures and Western cultures

            4. Why do the two “esplanations”(Line 1,Para.3)worry Asian Americans?

            A. They are afraid that they would again be isolated from American society in general

            B. People would think that be Asian students rely on their parents for success

            C. Asian Americans would be a threat to other minorities

            D. Americcan academic achievements have taken on too strong an Asian character

            5. The author ‘s tone in this passage is ____

            A.sympathetic B.doubtful C.critical D.objective




            Test 1

            1.C 2.A 3.D 4.C 5.B

            Test 2

            1.C 2.A 3.B 4.A 5.D





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