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            1、 Allen _______ any good job since he came to New York City two years ago.

            A. hasn’t found  B. didn’t find

            C. doesn’t find  D. hadn’t found

            2、This village ______ to be the place in which Ernest Hemingway, one of the greatest American writers, wrote this story.

            A. is believing  B. is believed

            C. believes  D. believe

            3、It’s reported that by the end of last month the sale of the company ______ by 10%.

            A. has risen  B. had been rising

            C. had risen  D. has been rising

            4、 _______ at his paper over the weekend, Neil didn’t finish it.

            A. As he worked hard

            B. Hard as he worked

            C. How he worked hard

            D. How hard he worked

            5、That was _______ matter that I had no choice but to talk it over with my parents.

            A. a such serious  B. a so serious

            C. such serious a   D. so serious a

            6、 The word is new to us. You’d better ______ in the dictionary.

            A. look at it  B. look for it

            C. look it up  D. look it out

            7、 This disease is second only _______ heart attack as a cause of death all over the world.

            A. to  B. of

            C. with  D. from

            8、As soon as she _______ open the letter, Mrs. White will find out what has happened to her husband.

            A. tears  B. is tearing

            C. will tear  D. has torn

            9、To reduce weight, plastic has taken _______ of iron and steel in making boats.

            A. its place  B. place

            C. the place  D. a place

            10、These three English novels are for you. The rest _______ for the other students in your class.

            A. were  B. is

            C. are  D. was

            11、You _______ have seen Jane in her office last Friday; she’s been out of town for two weeks.

            A. couldn’t  B. mustn’t

            C. wouldn’t  D. shouldn’t

            12、Henry never said that he was good at maths, _______ he?

            A. was  B. did

            C. didn’t  D. wasn’t

            13、The snow was so deep that the climbers could not ________ to the camp.

            A. get over  B. get along

            C. get through  D. get around

            14、 My friend and I would like to go to the concert, but ________ of us has got a ticket.

            A. both  B. none

            C. neither  D. all

            15、The boys spent the whole morning _______ possible answers to the question.

            A. discuss  B. and discussing

            C. discussing  D. and discussed


            1、C 2、B 3、C 4、B 5、D

            6、C 7、A 8、A 9、C 10、C

            11、A 12、B 13、C 14、B 15、C





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