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            Ⅰ. Phonetics (10 points)


            In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

            1.A. caused B. wished C. guessed D. dressed

            2.A. tea B. read (原形) C. real D. steal

            3.A. through B. famous C. route D. wounded

            4.A. native B. active C. national D. narrow

            5.A. like B. limit C. knife D. inside

            6.A. ear B. early C. earth D. earn

            7.A. thank B. another C. smooth D. clothes

            8.A. afternoon B. classroom C. roommate D. boot

            9.A. houses B. horses C. rises D. exercises

            10.A. expression B. discussion C. vision D. permission


            Ⅱ. Vocabulary and Structure (40 points)


            There are 40 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

            11. ______ riding to school, Mary usually goes to school on foot.

            A. Without B. Rather than C. Instead of D. Inspite of

            12. The teacher will tell us _______ to have the exam next Monday.

            A. if B. that C. if not D. whether

            13. In order to grow well, the Blue Sprace, like other pine trees, ______ a temperate climate.

            A. require B. requires C. is required D. that requires

            14. It took them more than ten years to ______ the defensive works.

            A. build in B. build into C. build on D. build up

            15. I haven’t decided which seat ________.

            A. to sit B. is to sit C. to sit on D. is for sitting

            16. Susan wants to know whether the measures have been agreed _______.

            A. to B. with C. over D. on

            17. All _______ is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life.

            A. what is needed B. for our needs C. the thing needed D. that is needed

            18. His hard work _______ when he won the prize.

            A. paid off B. showed off C. rang off D. kept off

            19. The fire _______ two persons’ death as well as the damage of all the store’s property.

            A. is resulted in B. is resulted from C. resulted in D. resulted from

            20. On Sundays I prefer _______ at home to _______ out.

            A. to stay…go B. stay…going C. staying…going D. staying…go

            21. Generally, the thicker a mammal’s (哺乳動物) skin is, the less hair ______.

            A. that has it B. that it has C. has it D. it has

            22. My father ______ an invitation to a dinner party, but he _______ it.

            A. accepted…received B. received…accepted

            C. accepted…didn’t receive D. received…didn’t accept

            23. _______ their homework, the children went for a walk.

            A. When they were doing B. After they have done

            C. Having done D. They had done

            24. My parents never let me _______ alone.

            A. to travel B. to travelling C. travelling D. travel

            25. Hardly _______ the classroom when the class began.

            A. had he entered B. he had entered C. he entered D. he was entered

            26. We all enjoy working _______ him because he is a kind leader.

            A. along B. in C. under D. on

            27. She is _______to refuse, so I have to give in.

            A. a too kind girl B. too a kind girl

            C. too kind a girl D. a gird kind too

            28. He couldn’t use his own car because it ________ then.

            A. was being repaired B. was repairing

            C. is repairing D. has been repaired

            29. _______ go to the Great Wall for a visit?

            A. Why don’t B. How about C. Will we D. Why not

            30. With the guide ______ the way, we set out on foot into the night dark.

            A. lead B. leading C. led D. to lead

            31. He seems _______ from this university.

            A. graduating B. being graduated C. to graduate D. to have graduated

            32. The refugees need many things, but _______, they need food and medicine.

            A. at most B. above all C. after all D. at the first

            33. ______ France Viuard an excellent political speaker but she was also among the first members of the populist party.

            A. Not only B. If only C. Only D. Not only was

            34. He failed in the examination three times but _______ he passed.

            A. at end B. at finish C. at last D. at least

            35. On his return from his college, he found the house ________.

            A. deserting B. deserted C. desert D. to be deserted

            36. When Jane fell off the bike, the other children ________.

            A. were not able to help laughter B. could not help but laughing

            C. could not help laughing D. could not help to laugh

            37. English is _______ interesting to us.

            A. much B. very C. very much D. more

            38. Grammar books here _______ well.

            A. are sold B. sell C. sells D. have been sold

            39. If everybody is _______, let’s begin our class.

            A. sat B. seated C. seat D. sitted

            40. He must have been there before, ________?

            A. hasn’t he B. haven’t he C. doesn’t he D. isn’t he

            41. He had to give up ___ the football match because he had his leg injured in the accident.

            A. taking part in B. took part in C. to take part in D. take part in

            42. The young people felt that they needed no help from anyone. They were very _____.

            A. unexpected B. independent C. resistant D. separate

            43. I hope my teacher will take my recent illness into _____ when judging my examination.

            A. regard B. counting C. account D. observation

            44. The letters PTO _______ parent-teacher organization.

            A. stand for B. call for C. heard for D. care for

            45. Something always _______ wrong when we try this recipe.

            A. has gone B. have gone C. go D. goes

            46. My watch ______ three o’clock.

            A. tells B. speaks C. talks D. says

            47. When I took his temperature, it was two degrees above _______.

            A. average B. ordinary C. regular D. normal

            48. I’d rather you _______ anything about it for the time being.

            A. do B. don’t have C. didn’t have D. didn’t do

            49. I don’t think we can take it ______, some problems still remains.

            A. on hand B. by chance C. for granted D. at will

            50. She walked across immense room _______ every one looking at her.

            A. with B. as C. while D. when


            Ⅲ. Cloze (20 points)


            For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices given below and marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

            The death of a child, _51_ one’s own child, is something the mind can hardly comprehend. It seems to go _52_ nature. The end of a life that is still forming _53_ has just begun is an almost unthinkable cruelty.

            But it happens. Parents sometimes must witness the illness and death of the children _54_ whom they gave birth. And _55_ will ever fill the empty place that the dead child leaves behind. Parents _56_ to die before their children, which is the natural order of life events. When the situation is reversed and a child dies _57_ the parents it seems wrong.

            Yet we never know why one person dies and another lives. But we do know _58_ a child is gone, the parents still have a future, as grey and worthless as it may at first seem. Death may take the child, but the love never _59_.

            The sorrow after a child’s death is one of the longest and hardest type of _60_ to live with. And it takes long to deal with the parents’ own emotions.

            51.A. especially B. special C. especial D. most

            52.A. with B. against C. beyond D. above

            53.A. and B. or C. but D. so

            54.A. at B. with C. to D. for

            55.A. everything B. other thing C. something D. nothing

            56.A. think B. expect C. like D. surely

            57.A. before B. after C. in front of D. as

            58.A. as if B. as though C. even if D. that

            59.A. gives up B. goes away C. goes back D. goes through

            60.A. loss B. losses C. losing D. lost


            Ⅳ. Reading Comprehension (60 points)


            There are four reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by five questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose one best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

            Passage One

            In the old days, divers used to go down into the sea looking for ships that had sunk, because they hoped to find gold and jewels. Now divers still search for valuable things in sunken ships, but they also try to bring to the surface the ships themselves, or parts of them. The value of different kinds of metals has increased greatly over the last twenty or thirty years and even though a ship has been under the sea for many years, it may be worth a great deal.

            One famous sunken ship is the “Lusitania”, which sank off the southern coast of Ireland in 1915 with a loss of nearly, 1,500 lives. It has four huge propellers made of an expensive metal. Today each of those propellers is worth $ 300,000 or more. The ship lying on the sea-bed has been brought by a man called John Light. He paid about $ 1,200,000 for the whole ship. He hopes to bring up those propellers and sell them. He also hopes to sell other parts of the ship, when he has brought them to the surface, for about $ 600,000.

            61. Divers today try to bring to the surface _______.

            A. gold and jewels B. parts of ships

            C. whole ships D. all of the above

            62. Diver try to bring up metals because ________.

            they have been in the sea for a long time

            gold and jewels are not valuable things

            some kinds of metals are worth a lot of money

            it is easy to bring up metals

            63. The word “surface” in the passage means the ______.

            A. market B. air C. top of a liquid D. sea

            64. John Light hopes that he may be able to sell all the parts of the “Lusitania” for about _____.

            A. $12,000 B. $300,000 C. $1,200,000 D. $1,800,000

            65. John Light bought the “Lusitania” _______.

            A. before 1915 B. before it sank

            C. after it sank D. after they had brought up the propellers

            Passage Two

            Man’s first real invention, and one of the most important inventions in history, was the wheel. All transportation and every machine in the world depend on it. The wheel is the simplest yet perhaps the most remarkable of all inventions, because there are no wheels in nature-no living thing was ever created with wheels. How, then, did man come to invent the wheel? Perhaps some early hunters found that they could roll the carcass of a heavy animal through the forest on logs more easily than they could carry it. However, the logs themselves weighed a lot.

            It must have taken a great prehistoric thinker to imagine two thin slices of log connected, at their centers by a string stick. This would roll along just as the logs did, yet be much lighter and easier to handle. Thus the wheel and axle came into being and with them the first carts.

            66. The wheel is important because _______.

            A. it was man’s first real invention B. all transportation depends on it

            C. every machine depends on it D. both B and C

            67. The wheel is called _______.

            A. simple B. complicated C. strange D. unusual

            68. It was remarkable of man to invent the wheel because _______.

            A. it led to many other inventions B. man had no use for it then

            C. there were no wheels in nature D. all of the above

            69. The wheel was probably invented by ______.

            A. a group of early hunters B. the first men on earth

            C. a great prehistoric thinker D. the man who made the first cart

            70. This selection says that the first wheel may have been a ______.

            A. round piece of stone B. heavy log C. piece of metal D. slice of log

            Passage Three

            Eating in space is different from eating on earth. The food that astronauts carry with them does not look like the food you eat. Some food is carried in closed bags. It is cooked and frozen before the astronauts get it. All the water is removed from the food. In the spaceship the astronaut puts the water back. He “shoots” hot or cold water into the food bag with a special gun. He eats the food through a small hole in the bag.

            Other foods come in bite sizes. The astronaut puts a whole piece in his mouth at once. There an be no crambs. Crambs would float around the spaceship and get in the way. Meat and cake often come in bite-sized pieces. Astronauts can’t drink water from open cups. The water would float in drops in the air. The water is put in the special gun. The astronaut shoots the water into his mouth. Eating in space is not easy. Astronauts must learn to eat this way.

            71. Some space foods are carried in _______.

            A. water guns B. lunch boxes C. closed bags D. crumbs

            72. The story does not say this, but from what we have read, we can tell that ______.

            you get much hungrier in space than you do

            you can’t have water to drink in a spaceship

            astronauts must learn many new and different things

            you can’t eat anything in a spaceship

            73. Why can’t astronauts drink water from cups?

            The water would come from the open cups.

            The water would spill all over their food.

            Crambs would float in the cups.

            The cups would float in the air.

            74. The main idea of the whole story is that _______.

            there is more food and water in space than on earth

            eating and drinking in space is a special problem

            astronauts can never eat or drink in a spaceship

            there is no food or water in a spaceship

            75. Which of the following does the story lead you to believe?

            Food for astronauts must be made in a special way.

            All meat on earth comes in bite-sized pieces.

            Astronauts will only eat cakes made from crambs.

            Astronauts have to go hungry in a spaceship.

            Passage Four

            The energy which the sun radiates goes in every direction, and only a minute part of it falls on the earth. Even so, it represents power of about 5,000,000 horsepower (馬力) per square mile per day; the sun gives us as much energy every miunte as mankind utilizes in a year. At present, we use this energy indirectly, and it is our final source of power. Coal represents the chemical action of the sun on green plants thousands of years ago. Water power results from the rain formed by vapor which comes from the evaporation of water under the sunshine. Even windmills operate because of air currents set in motion by the different heating affects of the sun in different places. Some day, through chemistry or some type of solar engine, we shall harness this great source of energy more directly. Already a scientist has worked out an engine, surprisingly efficient, in which the sun’s rays are concentrated through mirrors on a tube of water to create steam.

            76. How much energy given off by the sun reaches the earth?

            A. 100% but indirectly. B. 5%.

            C. 50%. D. only a very tiny amount.

            77. The reason why all the solar energy falling on the earth can’t be utilized is that ______.

            only a very small part is available the sun is too distant from the earth

            it takes thousands of years for this energy to be stored up in coal and oil

            our scientific knowledge is not sufficient

            78. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

            Even windmill’s action depends on the sun.

            The sun produces enormous energy for man to make use of.

            Some day man will be able to utilize 100% of the solar energy that gets to the earth.

            The sun produces different heating effects in different places.

            79. In order to support this argument, the writer gives the example that _______.

            a machine using solar energy efficiently has already been developed

            the sun is our final source of power

            man uses only a tiny part of the sun’s energy

            the part of the sun’s energy we use is used indirectly

            80. This passage centers mainly on ________.

            harnessing energy through chemistry

            our last source of power

            how water power is produced

            the amount of solar energy that can be utilized


            Ⅴ. Writing (20 points)


            For this part, you are allowed 20 minutes to write a letter of about 80 words according to the following topic.

            男女應該平等嗎?(Should Men and Women Be Equal?)



            Ⅰ. Phonetics

            1.A 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.B

            6.A 7.A 8.B 9.B 10.C


            Ⅱ. Vocabulary and Structure

            11.C 12.D 13.B 14.D 15.C

            16.D 17.D 18.A 19.C 20.C

            21.D 22.D 23.C 24.D 25.A

            26.C 27.C 28.A 29.D 30.B

            31.D 32.B 33.D 34.C 35.B

            36.C 37.B 38.B 39.B 40.A

            41.A 42.B 43.C 44.A 45.D

            46.D 47.D 48.D 49.C 50.A


            Ⅲ. Cloze

            51.A 52.B 53.B 54.C 55.D

            56.B 57.A 58.C 59.B 60.A


            Ⅳ. Reading Comprehension

            61.D 62.C 63.C 64.D 65.C

            66.D 67.A 68.C 69.C 70.D

            71.C 72.C 73.A 74.B 75.A

            76.D 77.D 78.C 79.A 80.D


            Ⅴ. Writing

            Should Men and Women Be Equal?

            People have different ideas about this issue, Some people say that men are superior to women in ability because men are physically stronger, do most of the hard labor in the world and hold most important positions. Other people believe that women have the ability to compete with men. There have been many famous women state leaders and great scientists in the world. We should fully carry out the principle “to each according to his work” so that the enthusiasm of both men and women for work can be fully aroused.





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