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            Ⅰ. Phonetics (10 points)


            In each of following groups of words, there are four underlined letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

            1.A. enough B. about C. touch D. young

            2.A. thirsty B. throat C. youth D. those

            3.A. shut B. cut C. funny D. use

            4.A. thanks B. pills C. news D. films

            5.A. dear B. heart C. ear D. tear

            6.A. births B. depths C. months D. mouths

            7.A. election B. pronunciation C. question D. operation

            8.A. hot B. home C. top D. off

            9.A. may B. day C. stay D. Sunday

            10.A. weigh B. eight C. seize D. daily


            Ⅱ. Vocabulary and Structure (40 points)


            There are 40 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

            11. _______ we won the war.

            A. In the end B. On the end C. By the end D. At the end

            12. As a poor fresh student, he had to do a part-time job _______ money.

            A. owing to B. because of C. on account of D. for the sake of

            13. Too much drinking would ______ his health.

            A. do harm for B. do harmful to C. do harm to D. do harmful for

            14. The days _______ you could travel without a passport are a thing of the past.

            A. in which B. on which C. of which D. at which

            15. He insists that he ______ innocent.

            A. is B. be C. should be D. were

            16. The teacher said, “Stop ______”. So we stopped _______.

            A. to talk…to read B. talking…to read C. talking…reading D. talking…read

            17. Could I have some milk, some orange juice, and some eggs ______?

            A. instead of B. in addition C. as well D. so much

            18. ______ after his death that he was recognized as a great composer.

            A. It was not until B. It is until C. It was until D. Not until

            19. Our classroom is ______ in the school building.

            A. bigger than any other one B. bigger than all

            C. the biggest of all the others D. the biggest of any one

            20. It was Thomas Alva Edison who ______ the electric lamp.

            A. discovered B. invented C. innovated D. found

            21. I’d like you ______ to see him.

            A. go B. going C. to go D. have gone

            22. Your coat ______ his.

            A. like B. likes C. is like D. will look like

            23. Either you or I _____ meet him at the airport.

            A. are to B. is to C. am to D. were to

            24. Each has an apple, ______?

            A. has he B. doesn’t he C. does he D. don’t they

            25. Sports, ______ perhaps you don’t like very much, may make you strong.

            A. that B. which C. it D. and

            26. We should look ______ the matter before we reach a conclusion.

            A. into B. for C. to D. at

            27. Hospital doctors don’t go out very often as their work _______ all their time.

            A. takes away B. takes in C. takes over D. takes up

            28. He is ______ to speak the truth.

            A. too much of a coward B. too much a coward

            C. so much a coward D. so much of a coward

            29. It’s strange that you ______ like that at the meeting.

            A. should speak B. spoke C. should have spoken D. speak

            30. He ______ when the bus came to a sudden stop.

            A. was almost hurt B. was to hurt himself

            C. was hurt himself D. was hurting himself

            31. Mary likes _______ very much, but she didn’t go _______ last Sunday.

            A. to swim…swimming B. swimming…to swim

            C. to swim…to swim D. swimming…swimming

            32. More ______, less speed.

            A. hurry B. rush C. quickness D. haste

            33. ______ with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain doesn’t seem high at all.

            A. When compared B. Compare C. While comparing D. Comparing

            34. The fact ______ money orders can usually be easily cashed has made them a popular form of payment.

            A. of B. is that C. that D. which is

            35. He is working very hard to ______ the lost time in the past 10 years.

            A. make for B. make up for C. make up D. make out

            36. If a child is absent ______ school for long periods, he should be given extra work.

            A. at B. in C. from D. out of

            37. Neither of your proposals ________.

            A. make sense B. are practical C. makes sense D. make senses

            38. It is obvious that there are at least two vitamins. ______ is soluble in fat; _____ is soluble in water.

            A. The one…the other B. One…the other

            C. One…another D. One…the another

            39. It’s a good _______ to eat with the mouth closed.

            A. custom B. habit C. way D. style

            40. You ought not to _______ him the news that day.

            A. tell B. be telling C. have told D. be told

            41. He attempted _______ to set up a company of his own.

            A. with vain B. on vain C. in vain D. of vain

            42. -“I slipped on the stairs. I think my arm is broken”.

            -“Oh! I _______.”

            A. don’t hope B. hope not so C. do not hope D. hope not

            43. The last man ______ the sinking ship was the captain.

            A. left B. leaves C. to be leaving D. to leave

            44. One of his many faults is that that he never ______ any thing very long.

            A. decides on B. sticks to C. goes over D. makes up

            45. You are worthy _______ the honour.

            A. to B. at C. for D. of

            46. Billing pitched so well ______ everyone cheered him at the end of the game.

            A. as B. since C. that D. whereas

            47. The _______ of blood always makes him feel sick.

            A. sight B. view C. look D. form

            48. A child learns to read by seeing the words _______.

            A. properly B. repeatedly C. repeatly D. obviously

            49. Our friendship is ______ and we will never again be separated.

            A. restored B. reserved C. restrained D. repeated

            50. He couldn’t explain the _______ of ten years in his job history.

            A. gap B. interrupting C. opening D. margin


            Ⅲ. Cloze (20 points)


            For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices given below and marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

            Investors can _51_ money simply by loaning it. The money they loan is called capital. Security (擔保) is an expensive item which the borrower mortgages (抵押) to the investor to show that he intends to _52_ the debt. The way investors make money on loans is to charge interest. Interest is money that _53_ pay to investors for the use of their money. Interest is usually a certain percentage of the capital. Investors sometimes _54 ten percent or more interest per year. The interest may be calculated daily, monthly, or yearly. The interest must be _55_ before the capital can be repaid. If the interest is not _56_ the agreed rate, the interest is added _57_ the capital. Then the borrower has _58_ pay interest on the unpaid interest _59_ on the capital. A debt can grow quickly this way. If the total of the capital and accumulated interest gets too high, the investor will take _60_ of the item used as security and sell it to get his money back.

            51.A. get B. make C. have D. carry

            52.A. repay B. leave C. get D. give

            53.A. borrowers B. lenders C. peoples D. others

            54.A. cost B. ask C. charge D. change

            55.A. by day B. by the day C. every day D. daily

            56.A. paid B. to be paid C. pay D. paying

            57.A. on B. to C. for D. with

            58.A. to B. on C. into D onto

            59.A. or B. also C. but also D. as well as

            60.A. the place B. possession C. turn D. care

            Ⅳ. Reading Comprehension (60 points)


            There are four reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by five questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose one best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

            Passage One

            Students enrolled at least half time may borrow up to $3,000 form the government over a two-year period. Repayment of the loan begins six months after the student leaves school. These loans carry on interest until this time. The current interest rate is 5 percent. Students may borrow up to $4,500 annually from a bank, credit union, savings and loan association or other eligible lender. Repayment on these loans usually begins six months after the student leaves school. These loans carry no interest until this time. This current interest rate is 9 percent. Parents may borrow up to $300 annually for each dependent college. Repayment begins forty-five days after receiving the loan, and the interest rate is 12 percent.

            61. Which of the following is the main purpose?

            To remind students and their families to repay their loan.

            To compare interest rates.

            To inform students and parents of the various loans available.

            To show that government loans charge the least interest.

            62. The highest interest rate is charged to _______.

            A. full-time students B. parents

            C. students borrowing from a credit union D. half-time students

            63. If parents had three children in college how much could they borrow annually?

            A. 900 B. 3,000 C. 300 D. 9,000

            64. According to the passage which of the following is true.

            The government lends students enrolled at least half time up to 3,000 annually.

            Students may borrow up to $4,500 annually from four sources.

            Students enrolled less than half time may borrow money.

            The current interest rate from banks is 5 percent.

            65. It can be inferred from the passage that _______.

            the student’s school determines who is an eligible lender

            money is available for student loans

            students need not be enrolled half time to borrow money

            the interest rate on student loans is increasing

            Passage Two

            Are you aware that you actually possess six senses? The sixth is a muscular sense responsible for directing your muscles intelligently to the exact extent necessary for each action you perform. For example, when you reach for an object, the sensory nerves linking the muscles to the brain stop your hand at the correct spot. This automatic perception of the position of your muscles in relation to the object is your muscular sense in action.

            Muscles are stringly bundles of fibers varying from one five-thousandth of an inch to about three inches. They have three unique characteristics, they can become shorter and thicker; they can stretch; and they can retract to their original positions. Under a high-powered microscope, muscle tissue is seen as long, slender cells with a grainy texture like wood.

            More than half of a person’s body is composed of muscle fibers, most of which are involuntary-in other words, work without conscious direction. The voluntary muscles, those that we move consciously to perform particular actions, number more than five hundred. Women have only 60 to 70 percent as much muscle as men for their body mass. That is why an average woman can’t lift as much, throw as far, or hit as hard as an average man.

            66. According to the selection, the muscular sense is responsible for ______.

            A. the efficiency of our muscles B. the normal breathing function

            C. directing our muscles intelligently D. the work of only our involuntary muscles

            67. Intelligent use of the muscles means that ________.

            one always knows what his muscles are doing

            one performs simple actions whithout working

            one’s muscles are used only to the extent necessary for each action they perform

            one improves muscular action consciously

            68. Muscles are unique fibers because, they can ________.

            A. contract B. stretch C. retract D. do all of the above

            69. Under a microscope, muscle cells appear to be _______.

            A. textured like wood B. colored like wood

            C. smooth and red D. short and thick

            70. According to the selection more than half of a person’s body is composed of ______.

            A. voluntary muscles B. involuntary muscles

            C. muscle fibers D. sensory nerves

            The large part which war played in English affairs in the Middle-Ages, the fact that the control of the army and navy was in the hands of those that spoke French, and the circumstances that much of English fighting was done in France all resulted in the introduction into English of a number of French military terms. The art of war has undergone such changes since the battles of Hastings, Lewes, and Agincourt that many words once common are now only in historical use. Their places have been taken by later borrowings, often like wise from French, many of them being words acquired by the French in the course of their wars in Italy during the sixteenth century. Yet we still use French words of the Middle Ages when we speak of the army and the navy, of peace, enemy, battle, soldier, guard and spy, and we have kept the names of officers such as captain and sergeant. Some of the French terms were introduced into English because they were needed to express a new object or a new idea. In other cases a French and a native English word for the same thing existed side by side. Sometimes one or the other has since been lost from the language; but sometimes both the borrowed and the native word have been still in common use.

            71. The main idea of this passage is that ______.

            most of today’s common English military terms dated from the sixteenth century or later

            a study of the English vocabulary shows the important part which war has played in the history of England

            many French words borrowed into English during the Middle Ages have since disappeared from the language

            many military terms used in English were originally borrowed from French, some as early as the Middle Ages

            72. All of the following have something to do with the introduction into English of many French military terms except that _______.

            war played an important part in English affairs in the Middle Ages

            the English army and navy were controlled by those who spoke French in the war between England and France

            France invaded England in the Middle Ages and many battles were fought in England

            much of English fighting was done in France in the war between England and France

            73. The art of war has undergone such changes that _______.

            we no longer use any French words of the Middle Ages

            many words once common are not used any longer and they are replaced by Italian words

            French military terms have disappeared from the English language

            many words once common are now only in historical use and their places have been taken by the newly-borrowed words

            74. Which of the following is not the French word borrowed into English during the Middle Ages?

            A. sergeant B. battle C. spy D. fight

            75. The writer takes the words “battle” and “fight” as an example to show______.

            French words are needed to express something new

            a French and a native word for the same thing have been still in common use side by side French word or the other has been lost from the English language

            “battle” is the borrowed word and “fight” is the native one

            Passage Four

            “Fingers were made before forks” when a person gives up good manners, puts aside knife and fork, and dives into his food, someone is likely to repeat that saying.

            The fork was an ancient agricultural tool, but for centuries no one thought of eating with it. Not until the eleventh century, when a young lady from Constantinople brought her fork to Italy, did the custom reach Europe.

            By the fifteenth century the use of the fork was widespread in Italy. The English explanation was that Italians were averse to eating food touched with fingers, “Seeing all men’s fingers are not alike clean.” English travellers kept their friends in stitches while describing this ridiculous Italian custom.

            Anyone who used a fork to eat with was laughed at in England for the next hundred years. Men who used forks were thought to be sissies, and women who used them were called show-offs and overnice. Not until the late 1600’s did using a fork become a common custom.

            76. The custom of eating with a fork was _______.

            A. brought to Europe from America B. begun when forks were invented

            C. brought to Europe from Asia D. invented by Italians

            77. By the fifteenth century forks were used _______.

            A. all over Italy B. only in Constantinople

            C. widely in Europe D. In England

            78. To English travellers in Italy, the use of forks seemed _______.

            A. clever B. necessary C. good manner D. ridiculous

            79. The English thought that Italians used forks in order to ________.

            A. imitate the people of the East B. keep their food clean

            C. impress visitors with their good manners D. amuse the English

            80. In England, people who used forks at that time were considered ______.

            A. well mannered B. sissies C. show-offs and overnice D. both B and C


            Ⅴ. Writing (20 points)


            For this part, you are allowed 20 minutes to write a short composition of about 80 words on the title: The Bicycle in China. Base your composition on the outline given below.






            Ⅰ. Phonetics

            1.B 2.D 3.D 4.A 5.B 6.D 7.C

            8.B 9.D 10.C


            Ⅱ. Vocabulary and Structure

            11.A 12.D 13.C 14.A 15.A 16.B 17.C

            18.A 19.A 20.B 21.C 22.C 23.C 24.B

            25.B 26.A 27.D 28.A 29.C 30.A 31.B

            32.D 33.A 34.C 35.B 36.C 37.C 38.B

            39.B 40.C 41.C 42.D 43.D 44.B 45.D

            46.C 47.A 48.B 49.A 50.A


            Ⅲ. Cloze

            51.B 52.A 53.A 54.C 55.D 56.A 57.B

            58.A 59.D 60.B


            Ⅳ. Reading Comprehension

            61.C 62.B 63.A 64.B 65.B 66.C 67.C

            68.D 69.A 70.C 71.D 72.C 73.D 74.D

            75.B 76.C 77.A 78.D 79.B 80.D


            Ⅴ. Writing

            The Bicycle in China

            The bicycle is the most popular means of transportation in China. China is a country “on bicycle wheels”. People ride them for various purposes such as going to and from school and work. Bicycles are very cheap and easy to buy in China.

            There are many advantages to riding a bicycle. First, using a bicycle can greatly help reduce the air pollution in many big cities. Second, people can improve their health by riding a bicycle.

            The future of bicycle will be bright. In some European countries, city governments have arranged pedestrians to use “public bicycles” to travel round the city center free of charge.





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